Is it a good offer to move to Munich on a yearly salary of 60,000 plus an additional variable of 10,000 euros ?


I got a job offer from there and they promised to take care of visa processing,flight tickets,3months stay , a car (for which I need to pay 2% tax) and the package is 60,000 plus an additional variable of 10,000 euros.


Is it a good offer ? Can two adults , me and my wife live comfortably ?


A bit of background, currently in india I earn about 2lak rupees a month and want to be sure that I am not going to go down on my savings if I go there.


The reason I am contemplating the move is primarily to ensure that I have a better quality of life ( food – air – water etc .. ) .. Indian cities are getting polluted more every day and I am honestly scared to stay here.



Can you advise ?


Is this a fair estimate of the cost of living of 2 people in munich ?

stay : 850 Euros
car @ 2% – 500 Euros approximately (tax in case car is provided by company)
other expense – 1600 Euros for 2 people