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1 Post subject: Munich Events Calendar  PostPosted: Jun 21, 2006 - 12:04 PM
Site Admin

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We added Events Calendar for Munich, So find whats going in Munich and around..

CI Team..
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Post subject: INVITATION 22 Feb 2007 Indo-German Business Table  PostPosted: Feb 18, 2007 - 10:43 PM

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Dear Indo-German Business Table Friends,


Michael Schmidt, Konrad Bayer

Chalo Bavaria is an internet portal with objective to bring Bavaria to India.
Target groups are Indian tourists, job seekers, students, qualified staff and business partners

Chalo understands itself as cultural interpreter and source of information on Bavaria for Indian audience.


Die Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dindoyal konzentriert sich auf die zivil- und wirtschaftsrechtliche Beratung von Privatpersonen, Existenzgründern, Selbständigen und deren Unternehmen, sowie von Inhabern, Gesellschaftern und Führungskräften kleiner und mittelständischer Unternehmen.

In order to give all partners the opportunity for personal exchange, which is essential for success, I founded the Indien-Business-Stammtisch/Indo-German Business Table in April 2005.

Goal of this group is building up national and international strategic alliances and networks and to improve cooperation between India and Germany for the advantage of both sides.
Therefore I can count on support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and politicians.

Indo-German- Business-Table/Indien Business Tammtisch offers a great opportunity to companies and single persons for exchanging experience and build new contacts.
Beside this our regular meetings can be used by companies to present their products and services to experts.

Meetings take place in Munich once a month.

Next meeting takes place on 22.Feb. 2007.

Um den Partnern eine Plattform für den sehr wichtigen persönlichen Austausch zu bieten, habe ich im April 2005 den Indien-Business-Stammtisch(Indo-German Business-Table) gegründet.

Ziel dieser Gruppe ist es, nationale und internationale strategische Allianzen und Netzwerke zu bilden und die Kooperation zwischen Indien und Deutschland zum Vorteil beider Seiten zu verstärken.
Hierzu kann ich auf die Unterstützung von Industrie- und Handelskammern und politischen Vertretern zurückgreifen.

Der Indien-Business-Stammtisch/Indo-German Business-Table) bietet sowohl Firmen als auch Einzelpersonen eine gute Möglichkeit zum Austausch von Erfahrungen und Knüpfen von Kontakten.
Darüberhinaus bieten die regelmässigen Treffen Firmen die Möglichkeit, sich und ihre Produkte oder Dienstleistungen einem Fachpublikum zu präsentieren.

Diese Treffen finden einmal monatlich findet in München.

Das nächste Treffen findet am 22.Feb 2007 statt.

22. Februar2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
12. April 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
10. May 2007 Donnerstag/Thursday)
14. Juni 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
12. Juli 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
09. August 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
06. September 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
15. November 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)
13. Dezember 2007 (Donnerstag/Thursday)


Restaurant Shiraj - Indische Spezialitäten
Leonrodstr. 56
80636 München/Munich
Tel: +49 (0)89 - 127 188 08
Mob.: +49-(0)179-7034561

How to reach:
By public transport:
Tram 12 /Bus 53 to Fasaneriestr, Tram 20/21/N-20/Bus 33 to Leonrodplatz, U-Bahn U1 + U7 Rotkreuzplatz from there ca. 8 minutes by foot to Leonrodstr. 56 or by Bus/Tram to Fasaneriestr/ Leonrodplatz
parking space available


Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.

Due to a limited number of participants of max. 25 persons please register in advance.

2007 meetings take place on above mentioned days:

Indian-German market news in English
1568 Members

CONTACTS THROUGH automotive K 140
German/Indian Companies database: 1400
TOTAL: 4265


Human Factor in globalisation:

Mr. Simson Eon executive- there are five main points for internationally successful managers :
1.They should know the cultural characteristics of the host country.
2.Cultural aspects should form a major tool for decisions for gaining maximum productivity .
3.Viewing the situation from the perspective of the foreign partners.
4.Capabilities to take decisions even under uncertain conditions.
5.Last but not the least to have correct balance between respect for the partner and personal respect.

Indian expert/manager working in Germany he should be able to understand German business, work culture and German. A German expert/manager in India should understand Indian business/work culture and understand one Indian language.
Experts with business knowledge of both countries should be supported.
"If I'm selling to you, I speak your language. If I'm buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen." Willi Brandt

„When a culture attempts to be exclusive, it does not last long" „ Wenn eine Kultur versucht exklusive zu sein, wird sie nicht lange halten" Gandhi

Mohammad Rehan
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Post subject: RE: INVITATION 22 Feb 2007 Indo-German Business Table  PostPosted: Feb 11, 2014 - 02:56 AM

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Location: Frankfurt, Germany
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Synergy Global Services Inc./UG ( ) based in New York, USA and Frankfurt, Germany/EU, Global Onsite IT Jobs Recruitment Team has shortlisted your resume from in the past for Onsite IT jobs in the USA/Germany/Europe/European Union(EU). If you are not getting Onsite IT Job opportunities/long term Onsite IT Projects from your present employer/company in India or if your company is calling you back from your Onsite IT Project/Job in the USA/Canada/UK/Germany/Europe/EU to Offshore Projects/Job in India and if you are looking for Permanent Onsite IT Job opportunities in Germany/EU/USA, then we have an opportunity for you to work as a Permanent Onsite IT Consultant in Germany/EU with EUROS 48,000/Year or EUROS 4,000/Month minimum gross salary every month, 12 months a year (there could be additional variable pay, which will be decided by the company later based on your billing rates) PLUS German/EU Government legally required all mandatory benefits (Social security, Entire family health insurance, 20 working days paid vacation per year etc.) will be provided along with German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit Employment Visa Process (Check out the attached "About German/EU Blue Card - Official Flyer from German Federal Government and click on the all links at “FREE OF COST”*- Read below step# 3 RCD Clause#8 in NC & ND Agreement) and later after working for 1 year in Germany/EU, if you want, we will transfer you for Onsite IT Jobs in the USA with the USA H-1B/L-1A/L-1B Visa Process FREE OF COST/without any deposits/RCD.
About German/EU Blue Card You can go through all the German Government Official Websites links listed under regarding the new liberalized German/EU immigration laws about the German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit Employment Visa Process effective from 1st August 2012.

German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit Employment Visa Process and Required documents check list from German Embassy/Consulates in New Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/ Bangalore/Kolkata:

For further details about the USA/Canada/UK/German/EU Blue Card Visas step by step process and required documents check list, visit all the links under

Initially Required Documents for Spot Recruitment: From 1st January 2014 onwards, again we are proactively and aggressively recruiting Onsite IT Consultants with 6+/9+/12+ years of global IT/Software development experience from Top 20 Global/Indian IT/Software products/services companies with Fortune Global 500 Clients’ IT Projects (Top 50 global companies/clients in any industry) for Onsite IT jobs in Germany/EU for the Onsite IT projects starting from April’2014 onwards. If you are interested in the above mentioned Onsite IT Jobs in Germany/EU/USA opportunity, initially please email your following documents to (If you have emailed us below mentioned documents any time after July’2013, you can reply to this email with a message “ALREADY EMAILED THESE DOCUMENTS”, after that we will follow up with you.)
1) Latest updated resume (with your present full postal address with PIN/PLZ/ZIP code, cell number and email id)
2) Passport Copy (front and last pages) Scanned/Digital Photo of Passport taken by digital/smartphone camera
3) The last 4 years/last full financial year from each major employer’s Indian Form 16s/USA W2s/German Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, and your last 2 months pay slips from each major employer.

Upon request all other required documents mentioned on need to be emailed later. Please note that, as we recruit on the spot over Phone/Skype, initially just based on the documentation evidence of your experience, so we ask for Indian Form 16s/USA W2s and pay slips, because we consider them as more reliable authenticity documents for your experience evidence, because they show the employer’s/company’s name, duration of employment/date of joining on the top of these documents, and from your past salaries, we evaluate your future Onsite IT Job salary from our company.

German/EU Blue Card ( ) Residence Permit Employment Visa process step by step 6 steps procedure and why it is the best option out of all your options, why it is even better than USA H-1B/L-1B Visa?: You can find info about the USA H-1B Visa process from USCIS Website ( ), but as you know the USA H-1B cap/quota finished this fiscal year until 30th September’2014 and from 1st October’2014 fiscal year onwards the USA Govt./USCIS proposed to increase USA H-1B/L-1B/L-1A/L-1B Govt. filing fee from USD 4,325/INR 3 Lakhs to USD 14,325/INR 10 Lakhs, and for any reasons if the USA Govt./USCIS/USA Embassy/Consulates rejects your USA H-1B/L-1A/L-1B application, the USA Govt./USCIS will not refund the USA Govt. filing fee amount of USD 14,325/INR 10 Lakhs. Because of this very high USA Govt. fee and very high risk of rejection from USCIS/USA Embassy/Consulates, most of the companies including your present employer/company in India, will not be filing USA H-1B/L-1A/L-1B visas from 1stApril’2014 onwards and yourself also cannot afford to pay/risk that much amount (USD 14,325/INR 10 Lakhs) by depositing/paying to any small Indian IT consulting companies in the USA either, so the German/EU Blue Card Visa process is the only the best and without any cost/very low risk alternative option in the World now (“FREE OF COST”*- Read below step# 3 RCD Clause#8 in NC & ND Agreement), because German/EU Blue Card Visa will become Permanent Residency of Germany/EU automatically after paying 21 or 33 months job’s taxes/social security with any company within 1 week process. From beginning spouses/dependents gets German EU Blue Card Visa/Work permit to work for any company and any kind of job and kids gets around Euros 200/month pocket money and kids education is free from Kindergarten to PhD! Whereas in the USA spouses can’t work on dependent/USA H4 Visa and USA Permanent Residency/Green Card is not guaranteed with even after 6 to 10 years of job taxes with the same company’s USA H-1B/L-1B visas, if you change job/company the whole process of Permanent Residency/Green Card starts from the scratch again. As German/EU Blue Card Visa process is new to you, so here we are listing the step by step, 6 steps process procedure for your convenience:

1) Recruitment & Agreements: After receiving and reviewing your above mentioned initial required documents ( ) and after calling you and discussing with you over the Phone/Skype, we will email you signed pdf file of Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure (NC & ND) Agreement and Employment Agreement and “Arbeitsvertrag” with your full name and your personal details as per your passport (as mentioned on ). If you agree with all the terms and conditions in the agreements, you can take color laser print out of these agreements and sign them (signature must be same as in your passport signature) on the right side bottom corner of every page of the agreement and below signature you must write your handwritten full name and date. Then, you have to scan it (must be in color PDF format, NC & ND agreement into one pdf file and Employment Agreement, Arbeitsvertrag into another pdf file) and email it to us. (To append/merge multiple pdf pages into single pdf file you can use primo pdf tool, you can download it from )

2) German/EU Blue Card Visa Application Submission at German Embassy/Consulates: After we receive signed NC & ND Agreement and Employment Agreement/Arbeitsvertrag, we will call you to guide you through the further procedure instructions and we will email you filled German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit Employment Visa Application Form and all other documents along with official websites links specific to your country’s/city’s/region’s German Embassy’s/Consulate’s Visa section application process details and required documents check list (All these websites links already listed on ). Along with your Application form and Employment Agreement/Arbeitsvertrag, you need to submit your educational, experience documents and all other required documents (as mentioned on ) and EUROS 60/USD 90/INR 5,100 Demand Draft to the German Embassy/Consulate in New Delhi/Chennai/Bangalore/Mumbai/Kolkata/in any country/city outside Germany as mentioned in the links at . Note that, as mentioned in the above links required documents pdf files from German Embassy/Consulates in India/Abroad, even though they mentioned all the main required documents in those pdf files check lists, they also mentioned German Government Authorities reserves the right to ask for further additional documents as and when required case to case basis (For example: All your documents translation from English to German and/or your educational documents evaluation to be equivalent to German Bachelor’s degrees or verification of all your documents etc. or any other documents, all such things and the costs related to those would be your responsibility, which can be reimbursed by our company after you get visa and project and after working for 3 months).

3) Refundable Commitment Deposit (RCD) After German/EU Blue Card Visa Application Submitted: This above mentioned initial Onsite IT Job opportunity in Germany/EU with German/EU Blue Card Visa Process is “NOT ONE OF THE FREE BACK UP OPTION” out of all your options to think and decide later after you get German/EU Blue Card Visa and Project, because we outsourced German/EU Blue Card Visa Process for EUROS 500 fee per consultant to a German immigration law firm, Höly, Rauch & Partner ( ) in Frankfurt, Germany by giving Power of Attorney/”Vollmacht” to them. So the company has upfront visa processing costs (Euros 500 law firm fee) and all other time and material costs and risks involved. So as mentioned in our NC & ND Agreement under “Refundable Commitment Deposit (RCD) Clause# 8” (as mentioned on ), mutually both of us to feel and take this whole process seriously and to put further time and effort from the company and law firm, after submitting your German/EU Blue Card Visa Application at the German Embassy/Consulates, the next day, you have to transfer a Refundable Commitment Deposit (RCD) of Euros 500/USD 700/INR 45,000 (as per foreign exchange current buying rates , 1 EURO = Approximately INR 90) into our German law firm’s ( ) Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt bank account directly or our company’s German/USA bank accounts or into our State Bank of India (SBI), Hyderabad bank account to cover the German law firm fee Euros 500. While making online transfer you must take the screenshot file of the bank transfer confirmation page and keep that screenshot file and your online bank statement as a receipt for your deposit payment for your records and in case of transfer into law firm’s bank account, we will just send an email confirmation after we get the credit confirmation from law firm or in case if you transferred into our company’s German/USA bank accounts or our SBI, Hyderabad bank account, we will confirm by sending you a receipt by copy pasting the online transaction from our bank accounts’ online bank statements. This refundable commitment deposit will be 100% reimbursed/refunded to you only after you get a visa and project, and after you submit your first project’s first month time sheets from the first client in Germany/EU out of our first month’s profit, otherwise your deposit refund will be forfeited. But for any unfortunate reasons, if you don’t get visa and/or project, we will give you an alternative option to reapply for the German/EU Blue Card Visa Process again without any additional deposit/RCD.

4) Visa Process by Law Firm & Approval by German Immigration/Employment Offices: After submitting the German/EU Blue Card residence permit application with all the supporting required documents at German Embassy/Consulate in New Delhi/Chennai/Bangalore/Mumbai/Kolkata/in any country/city outside Germany, same documents 3 sets you have to send to our German law firm’s Frankfurt office ( ) by courier, then our law firm’s immigration and employment/labor laws attorney/lawyer (Stefan Bremicker) in Frankfurt, Germany will do all the paper work to submit to the German Immigration Officers and Employment/Work Permit Officers to get your German/EU Blue Card Visa approved. This whole process at present taking approximately 2 to 4 weeks (in case of German Embassy/Consulates outside USA and German Consulate in Bangalore at present just taking 1 to 2 weeks, we will email you the sample visas copies of our company's consultants later along with the agreements) or could be more time based on the request for further required documents of employees from German Immigration/Employment Officers. After your visa is approved, German cities’/towns’ Immigration/Employment Officers will inform German Embassy/Consulates in India/outside Germany to call you or to send you an email or postal letter to submit your passport for pre-approved German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit Entry Visa stamping (initially valid for 3 months) in your passport. But actual long term (up to 3 to 4 years) German/EU Blue Card/Residence Permit will be given and/or stamped in your passport after your arrival in Germany at a proposed place of residence (Question# 15 in application form) city’s/town’s Immigration Office on same day without any further process. For detailed flow diagram about this above process, please see page# 17 on (though in this pdf file it is old system, but process is still similar but much faster/expedited).

5) Marketing for First Onsite IT Project: After your initial 3 months entry visa stamped, our Global Onsite Projects sales and marketing team (Germans/Europeans) will market/submit your updated resume along with your documents for potential IT projects contracts to our clients/potential clients all over the Germany/EU with your personal German phone number from Skype (we will provide that number), so when German/EU clients calls you on your personal German phone number from Skype, those calls will be forwarded to your Indian/USA cell number with Skype call forwarding feature, thus we will try to get you first onsite IT project in Germany/EU at the earliest possible after getting a visa while you are serving your notice period with your present employer in India/Abroad. After getting initial German residence permit entry visa stamped, you can resign your present job in India/Abroad and serve up to 3 months’ notice period, so by the time you finish your notice period, we will try to get you an onsite project in Germany/EU to have a smooth transit without much risk (If required, up on request, after you get visa approved, we may consider to postpone your employment start date and visa start date for up to 3 months for serving your up to 3 months’ notice period with your present employer in India/Abroad). With German/EU Blue Card Residence Permit, if there is an IT project outside Germany you can travel without further visas for up to 3 months on business trip/consulting to all over European Union (26 Schengen area countries) including Switzerland, except UK/Ireland and then within 1 month we will process the other EU/European countries residence permit/work permits/EU Blue Cards visas separately without any further deposits/costs from you out of our initial few months profits.

6) Permanent Jobs with Clients: Also, we will market you for contract-to-hire and permanent jobs with the clients in Germany/EU and if clients want to hire you as a permanent employee, they should pay negotiable fee on behalf of you towards the NC & ND agreement clause # 9 breach as a onetime fee or in monthly installments for 6 to 12 months to our company. Then, you can join the client directly and client can transfer your German EU Blue Card Visa from our company to the client’s’ company. And we will give you a written signed letter to relieve you from NC & ND and all other agreements.

Overall Advantage To You from our Company: As we are 100 % Onsite IT jobs/projects based company and as we do not have any offshore business in India like Top 50 Global/Indian IT companies, so we will never call/send you back to India at the end of the Onsite Projects. After finishing the first project, if you prefer to relocate and work in a different country, then we will market your resume to find a contract project for you in whichever the country you prefer (USA/Canada/UK/Germany/Switzerland/Rest of EU/Europe) with residence permit/work permit/visa/permanent residency process of those countries without any further fee/cost/deposits from you and by paying you the full time permanent job salary for 12 months a year. Also, we pay you salary even during the bench period in between the projects. However, please note that the official yearly paid vacation (20 working days) is approved and must be used first during the first bench period in between the projects change. If your spouse is an IT/Management/Financial professional, we can consider to give her a job in our company by taking care of her German/EU Blue Card Visa/Work permit etc. without any deposit/fee from her/him, if not also, we will assist your spouse to get German/EU Blue Card visa/work permit to do any industry job to work for any company in Germany/EU without any deposit/fee from her/him.

Very Important Note: Our company’s business model is a low cost self-service model, so to avoid back and forth long emails/phone calls, though this is a very lengthy recruitment email, we wrote everything in detail in this initial recruitment email itself to assure you the whole process in writing, instead of just saying orally. So please go through this email and all the links in this email and all other links mentioned on our website’s jobs & careers navigation menu before emailing or calling us, as these links will answer most of your queries. For any further queries, please refer to FAQs at . If you have any other specific queries relevant to your situation/case that have not been answered in this email and under any of the links mentioned on our website, then to expedite the decision making process, you can call our company’s Founder, President/MD & CEO, Mr. Sudheer Pundru ( ) directly 24x7 on our German phone# +49-69-57808511 or on his USA Cell# +1-2123723411 (He travels often between USA & Germany) and request him to call you back or you can text/sms your name, your email id on his USA Cell#/ Tango#/Viber#/Whatsapp# on +12123723411 (He has all the smartphone apps installed on his smartphone to be accessible 24x7 directly, but he will not have free time to type to reply you back instantly, rather he will call you back whenever he gets free within 24 hours). The best way to reach us is make Skype voice calls free of cost (24x7) on our company’s Skype business id: Synergy-GS (even if it is offline, those skype voice calls will be forwarded to our smartphones Skype App/Cell numbers. If we miss your calls/when we are busy, please leave a voice mail with your name and phone number, we will call you back within 24 hours.

NOTE: Feel free to forward this email to your family/friends/colleagues who fulfills the above-mentioned criteria ( )


Thanks & Regards/MfG,
Synergy Global Services, Inc./UG,
IT, Management and Financial Consulting Services,
Global Onsite Recruitment, Sales and Marketing,

14 Wall Street, 20 th Fl (Regus BC), New York, NY-10005, USA
Tower 185, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, 14th Floor (Regus BC), Frankfurt am Main, D-60327, Germany
Phone: +49-(0)69-5780-8511 ,

(Starting soon in Canada: Toronto; UK: London; France: Paris; Switzerland: Zurich)
Microsoft/Skype Business Id to make free voice/video calls (24X7): Synergy-GS
Smartphone Apps# (Tango#/Viber#/Whatsapp# etc.) (24X7): +12123723411
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