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    Hi friends,

    I live here in Kristiansand, Norway on residence permit since 1 & 3 months.
    Originally I am from INDIA.

    Now I got an employment offer from German employer.

    I wanted to move there & want to work for German employer.

    Please Could anyone guide me ?

    Can i apply for work permit/Blue Card from here in Norway to get into germany for work ?
    What is process for Blue card application ?

    It will be great If you provide information on above query as soon as possible.
    Your guidance help will be appreciated.

    Thank You.

    Balasaheb Dand

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    I think if you earn 48.4K per year, then you are eligible for Bluecard.

    I am not sure you can directly apply for Bluecard from Norway. what I know is first you get 3 months visa to enter into Germany. Once you are here then can apply for Bluecard after registration with local authorities..

    please follow this link for more information.

    hope this info helps!!

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    Thank you very much for your information.

    Yes. Salary matches with blue card requirement.!

    Ok.then I will start process to get 3 months entry visa to Germany ASAP.

    Thank you again.


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    Shalender Singh

    i am Shalender singh, an Indian cuisine chef with 12 years of experence , will be coming to Germany on job seeker visa, can any one tell me how to get work permit in Germany?

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