How to bring my Indian Boyfriend to Germany

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    Hi there,

    first of all i really appreciate every help or advice what you can give me.

    So my boyfriend is from India but lives since 4 years in new Zealand, but he still got his Indian Passport. We’ve met each other in New Zealand and my Visa just expired, so i had to leave the country. He wants nothing more than come with me to Germany.
    He has a finish New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality and is working since 3 years as a General Manager in a Cafe. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak German but he wanna learn and i think there are many jobs in english language aswell in Germany.

    I just wanna ask if you guys have any advice, tips or something what is the best thing to do to get him to Germany? What kind of Visas are the best or if he needs a working contract before he can apply for a visa? He would be also keen to study again, if the costs are not too high for him.

    I am so thankful for every single help!!

    Thank you very much


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