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    Hello Friends,

    I have finished my study in Feb 2009 from Aachen.
    Currently , i am on student visa but i want to change in into Arbietsuchen visa as i want to go back to india. But if i get PH.D. or some other study option…i want to come back for it.

    so my question is that. is it possible to get student visa or Ph.d. visa again after getting Arbietsuchen visa??

    becuase i heard that its not possible to get PH.D. or study visa again after job search visa.

    So if anyone has similar experience or some knowledge about it. Please provide me some info on it. Thank You



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    Yes you can do it. For this you might need a letter from that institute. I think only then you would be offered education visa again. Rest for details you can check from consulate of that country in your region. Good Luck.
    Thunderbird laureate alumni

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    Shalender Singh

    i have job search visa for Germany i want to know if it can be convert into work visa there.

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    Bill Garry

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