Children and Tax benefits

The Employee gets a tax reduction for every child upto 25 years living in Germany regardless of the Nationality.

But this reduction influences only Solidarity Surcharge and the amount of Church Tax. This is because the possible reduction of the taxable income is already compensated by the Child benefit.

You will get Child Benefit/KinderGeld Form from ‘Arbeitsagentur’ website.

Child Benefits (living in Germany):

Parents get 2.208 €/year for first and second child
Parents get 2.280 €/year for the third child
Parents get 2.580 €/year for the fourth child on..

You can find monthly net salary using this calculator

Apply Kindergardens online in Munich

Schriftzug-kitafinderCity of Munich Provides a Service Since last November, where you can apply for Kindergardens/ Day Care centers online.  You can select upto 7 kindergrdens near to your address.


How does it works:

visit this below url


In the above website provide your details like type of kindergarden, address and then select upto 7 kindergardens of your interest. Important thing is you have to enter correct details, otherwise you may lose the place even after the getting the place in Kindergardens.

Once you submit all details, you get a confirmation mail with your selected options.

After that your data will send to selected/respected Kindergardens.

You will get confirmations from your selected KGs after the School Day Enrollments, i.e 15th April, 2015.

note: You have to inform respected KGs if your address changes or any other details.

For more details follow the above urls.

Bilingual Preschools and Kindergarten

Munich has a broad selection of public schools to choose from. The City of Munich itself and the Free State of Bavaria run a total of 327 educational establishments
within the city boundaries, including 228 elementary, junior high and special schools, 38 secondary schools, 49 high schools and one municipal comprehensive school.

There is also an array of evening classes, vocational and business schools, and an assortment of technical colleges etc., as well as a number of private schools.

Information about the schools and their programs is available from the Department of Education and Sports.
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