How to Find an Internship in Germany

If you are looking for an Internship in Germany, then below are some ways to find suitable Internship.

Ask Your University

If you are applying for an internship while still a student, then a good place to start is your university. Speak to the Careers Office about what programs are available to you. The benefits of going through your university are many: A lot of the research has already been done for you, the programs offered through the university are tailored and pitched to you as a student of that university, and you will likely be able to speak to people and get first-hand testimonials. If you aren’t quite sure of what you’re looking for, or want a general overview of the process and positions available, then utilize your university’s resources.

Go Online

If you can’t find anything through your university, then the internet is your friend. There are numerous websites dedicated to internship listings that can make the process of finding an internship much easier. As well as listings of available positions, there is also an element of support to looking online. Beyond just providing job listings, many websites offer advice or tips for those searching for an internship, and helpful content like interviews with recruiters and Q-and-As with other interns. Often these sites also highlight any events or job fairs that may be taking place and have a regular newsletter that goes out to job and intern-seekers.

Here is a good starting list of websites that may be able to help you either begin or refine your search:

Der Praktikant

Mein Praktikum


Job Guide

Back in Job

for more details follow this link:

How to find an Internship in Germany

How to find Flats in Germany

flats in munich

Its is always difficult to find a suitable apartment or house in Germany. Some times its easy to find a job when compared to find an apartment.

Below we provide some of famous websites to find apartments/houses. In below websites you can find your desired apartments in your location.


“ is Europe`s largest website for commission free flat share rooms and rental apartments. It provides a medium for private users to advertise their rooms and apartments on the internet for potential tenants to browse through”.  *You can browse site in English.


Germany’s largest Real Estate Portal.


Immowelt is one of the major real estate portals in Germany.

Below are some of lexicon/short codes used in Apartments Search!!

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Driving Test Online


Getting Drivers licence is always difficult in Germany as the Theory and Practical tests are difficult to pass.

Below we provide some useful Information related to Drivers Licence.

You can mock-up online Theory Tests and get results immediately using this below links.

Online Driving Test:

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Children and Tax benefits

The Employee gets a tax reduction for every child upto 25 years living in Germany regardless of the Nationality.

But this reduction influences only Solidarity Surcharge and the amount of Church Tax. This is because the possible reduction of the taxable income is already compensated by the Child benefit.

You will get Child Benefit/KinderGeld Form from ‘Arbeitsagentur’ website.

Child Benefits (living in Germany):

Parents get 2.208 €/year for first and second child
Parents get 2.280 €/year for the third child
Parents get 2.580 €/year for the fourth child on..

You can find monthly net salary using this calculator